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Testimonials – Page 2 – Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic

Ann L. Buena Park, CA

It is the best!! I have thyroid, cholesterol, neck disk 1&2 out of place, and irregular menstrual days. Been going for 3 months and now my thyroid, cholesterol and menstrual days are all normal. I also sleep really well now. Before I got all these problems fixed I was just not in a good mood…

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Isaac C. Pasadena, CA

Came in after a bad accident where I experienced severe pain from my left shoulder blade to my chest. It was painful to do pretty much everything. Now I’m completing my sessions and am as good as new. I definately recommend this place very flexible appointments.

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Jeanie C. Bend, OR

Supposedly this is the only chiropractic clinic in the area that does things old school. The doctor manually adjusts your bones with her hands, instead of using massaging tools to “align” your bones. The first time you arrive, you receive a treatment right away. You have fill out a long form that asks you about…

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S Y. Monrovia, CA

My mother, who is in her late 70s, has spinal stenosis and she was on bed rest suffering from sciatica. With Dr Park treatments, she was able to sit up after a couple of weeks. After 24 treatments, my mother can walk around with her walker.

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Charly P. Los Angeles, CA

Made a believer out of me. I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to back cracks, and when I injured my neck and back I went to see my usual Chiropractor. After several treatments and several hundred dollars It was not improving. I decided to check out Yelp for some direction. The reviews…

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Lolala B. Las Vegas, NV

Let me tell you this. Dr. Park is amazing!! I meant to leave a review awhile ago but I went to go see her about month and a half ago because of my jaw. I had discomfort on my jaw for over a year without knowing what was going on. Dr. Park took xrays of…

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