Jeanie C. Bend, OR

Supposedly this is the only chiropractic clinic in the area that does things old school. The doctor manually adjusts your bones with her hands, instead of using massaging tools to “align” your bones.

The first time you arrive, you receive a treatment right away. You have fill out a long form that asks you about your medical history, physical problems, pains. You then take a few x-rays so the doctor can see your bones. The first treatment involves your back and legs. You lay on your back and the technicians take a picture of your feet. The picture is to show that because your back alignment is off, one of your legs is actually longer than the other! It’s weird to think that the majority of people have this problem, but don’t know about. She adjusts your back and your legs are proportional again.

I had a neck problem for a long time but just lived with it. I wasn’t able to turn my head to the left all the way. But after several neck adjustments, I am able to fully turn my head now.

You can pay for each session one at a time (along with one-time fee for x-rays), or you can pay for several up front, at a discounted rate. My mother made me pay for several upfront and now I’m glad I did. When my neck or back starts aching, I’ll go get a quick adjustment.

I’m pretty wary of solely relying on these types of treatments. I’m usually physically active and try to work out and stretch regularly. But I think that this chiropractor has been very helpful in terms of helping my body feel better. If I were to recommend a chiropractor to friends, it would be this one.