Since the moment of your conception, a miracle began for you. This miracle called life has an “innate (inborn) intelligence” that caused two cells to multiply and differentiate into the trillions of cells that became you. The innate intelligence knew exactly what you needed, and exactly when you needed it. All of this development happens naturally as long there is no interference. Otherwise, that flow of the intelligence cannot go through properly.

As the number of cells grew, your innate intelligence needed a system to send and receive messages in order to control and coordinate all functions and parts of the body. This vital system was the first to develop and began within 18 days of conception. It is so valuable and delicate that its primary parts are the only organs encased in bone. This system is your nervous system and the primary parts are the brain protected by the skull and the spinal cord protected by the spine.

What would happen if this intelligence, which flows through the nerves and is filled with vital life messages, could not reach the proper destination at the right time? What if this interference blocked messages being sent to your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys or stomach? Do you think this would cause these organs and yourself not to live at your highest potential? Of course, it would. The main ideology is that “[a]ll diseases result from a disruption of the flow of intelligence”. Chiropractically speaking, “The one cause of all disease is our inability to adapt.”