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Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic is the first Korean American chiropractic clinic in the United States to specialize in the Palmer Upper Cervical Specific Technique also known as the "hole-in-one" method (H.I.O).

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See for yourself what a difference the correct adjustments can make.

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Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic offers a variety of chiropractic adjustments that help regain your innate intelligence and lead to a healthy happy life.

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We’re happy that you have chosen to be part of those who are not afraid to try a new method in regaining lost health.

The chiropractic method in our opinion is the best approach because it allows the body to work without the use of any drugs, whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed. Here at Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Hyeon Joo Park is dedicated to using her professional expertise, knowledge, and experience to help as many patients receive exceptional care. Dr. Park follows the proven method of the Palmer upper cervical specific chiropractic, along with other specialties ranging from TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) and extremity adjustments, pre/post-natal & pediatric care, to car accidents/personal injuries.

What is upper cervical chiropractic and how can this method be of help? In order to help you understand this method, it’s important to first understand how the body works.

The mind and body both share an intimate relationship with one another. Our brains and bodies interact by way of sending messages via the brain stem, passing through the neck, down the spinal cord and out over the entire nervous system to all parts of the body. These messages control and monitor all functions that preserve the health of our bodies and its organs. They direct the messages that maintain and regain the health of our bodies!

Throughout our daily lives, our bodies are constantly in motion. A fall, automobile accident, bad sleeping posture, injury, bad habits or even a difficult birth can cause muscles of the neck to hold the head and neck in a tilt position. This head/neck misalignment can cause interference, also called “subluxation”, at the point where the head and neck join, preventing the brain from sending its healing messages to parts of the body. Those parts of the body that are unable to communicate efficiently with the brain will no longer be able to function properly.

This miscommunication results in the development of health problems. Consequently, health problems will continue to develop and grow worse until the brain to body communication is restored.

Upper Cervical Corrective Health Care is an effective, scientifically proven specialty in the Chiropractic profession. The procedure is designed to restore head/neck alignment to remove interference at the point where the head and neck join. With this procedure, Dr. Park seeks to re-activate the brain to body communication so the body’s natural self-healing process can begin!



Dr. Park will take X-rays of the upper cervical region, neck, full spine, and pelvis to observe and examine the degree of misalignment. The doctor will then implement the procedure to restore head, neck and spinal alignment. This procedure is performed by the doctor’s own hands, without the use of any needles or electric therapy.

As soon as the vertebrae is aligned correctly, the brain will immediately start sending healing messages to those parts of the body affected by the misalignment and begin the natural self-healing process. Blockage of brain to body messages can be the direct or indirect cause of most health problems. On each visit, Dr. Park seeks to regain and maintain the proper alignment of the spine, aiding each patient through the process of recovery and healing.

Once the body and its organs are able to regain its mental impulse supply, then it is able to rebuild and try to perform the proper functions. Health restores and you, the patient, will get well! No doctor gives any guarantees, but evidence demonstrates the positive effects of this procedure. Numerous health problems have responded positively with this unique approach. When our brains are able to communicate effectively and efficiently with all parts of the body without interference, the body is able to sustain its health. This will help the patient live pain-free without the use of drugs or pain-killers and enjoy a better quality of life.

It is a safe and natural health alternative for people of all ages. Let us help you reach your optimal health free of restrictions.


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