About Upper Cervical Care

Palmer Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic (H.I.O.)

Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic is the first Korean American chiropractic clinic in the United States to specialize in the Palmer Upper Cervical Specific Technique, also known as the “hole-in-one” method (H.I.O). The practice of the H.I.O. is a high degree chiropractic technique that uses only the hands to adjust the upper cervical bones. This specific region, known as the cervical vertebrae numbers 1 and 2, is adjusted to absolve the root of all illnesses by relieving the pressure on the nerves. The application of medicine, surgery, physical therapy, acupressure massage, or acupuncture is never utilized. Only the use of the doctor’s hands is employed to adjust the upper cervical in order to target the stem of all illnesses, caused by subluxation. By treating subluxation, the body will recover on its own and restore its optimal health once again.


Dr. B.J. Palmer (1881-1961) invented the procedure in 1930 after discovering that many patients with incurable diseases recovered after receiving the miraculous procedure. This has been proven to be effective in his many writings and research findings. However, the failure of properly passing down his teachings following his death has resulted in very few doctors in the United States being able to perform the H.I.O technique, and because of its scarcity many patients are not able to benefit from this treatment. As the first Korean chiropractor to utilize the technique, Dr. Hyeon Joo Park practices H.I.O. on patients who suffer from severe pain and chronic diseases.

Patients have seen a remarkable difference in their health, with many visiting from the East Coast or Korea just to receive this treatment. The treatment is not based solely on observing the symptoms of the illness, but by first examining the patient’s X-rays of their cervical and spine, and using a nervo-scope with the analagraph to understand the state of the nerves. Then the doctor performs the procedure based on that individual’s cervical bone structure and the dislocation.

Dr. Hyeon Joo Park confidently states that “the human body has the amazing ability to recover itself from illness or injury. However, if the flows of nerve signals are not smooth then that innate ability is inhibited. This phenomenon happens when there is pressure on the nerves from dislocated cervical bones. Therefore, with the adjustment of the cervical bones the body will find its ability to recover itself.” Dr. Park personally diagnoses and treats each and every patient. As the first Korean American clinic to specialize in this technique of adjusting the upper cervical bone, we take pride in finding, targeting, and connecting the root of illness. Our staff can promise you a comfortable environment and experience conducive to healing.