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Testimonials – Page 4 – Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic

Amella C. Somerville, MA

Dr. Park has magic hands. She fixed my TMJ, neck, lower back, shoulders and feet. I came to LA from SF for her. She is the best! The staff are very friendly and nice, too. I feel very comfortable in this place. You can’t find a better chiropractor.

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John J. Los Angeles, CA

Quite simply the best chiropractor clinic I’ve been to. Service is quick and efficient and Dr. Park is without a doubt very skilled and professional. Headaches that I’ve had for years had in two weeks time just seemed to disappear. I’ve had other chiropractors in the past, but none were as reliable and experienced. The…

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Johnny K. Los Angeles, CA

I got into two huge car accidents (both cars totalled) a few years back and my neck and chest have been in pain since about a year after the accidents. I have been to many many many different chiropractor and acupuncture places but my pains were always relieved only temporarily. Dr. Park at Yonsei is…

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SoHee A. Los Angeles, CA

I believe Dr. Park is the best upper cervical chiropractor in los angeles! I had suffered from neck&shoudler pain for last three years, and now i feel so much better… the pain& migraine has been gone! This is truly amazing! I highly recommend Dr.Park if anybody who feels uncomfortable neck, back pain and headache. She…

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Jenny P. Northridge, CA

I found this place because my mom was looking for somewhere to go for her foot problems and she saw the yelp reviews regarding period problems and TMJ, both of which I have. I go to school in New York so I had to get treatment every day for two weeks. I’m so glad I…

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Ane S. Garden Grove, CA

These is the best thing I did in my life. If you have any of back, neck, shoulder problem please come and see Dr. park, she is the best ever. I believe she is the best in USA. I was in pain for more then 10 years and the last two years it was almost…

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