Roux F. Porter Ranch, CA

Dr. Park HEALED me! She’s a miracle worker. I had multiple discs dislocated in my neck because somebody decided they knew how to fix the crick in my neck by grabbing my neck and TURNING it. Thinking it was muscular, I put salon pas on it and was bed-ridden praying for something miraculous to happen. Then, my mom suggested Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic and said it was a place that healed many of her friends. I went to the clinic where the x-rays showed that it was not muscular but bone. The injury I had was so painful that I could not stop sobbing so much that even the person next to me was crying empathetically for me but, within my first visit/treatment, that pain disappeared. Amazing. I have now had 8/16 sessions and I’m back to being a functioning member of society. She’s extremely professional, a straight shooter and is knowledgable above all. GO GO GO!