Leo, C. Los Angeles, CA

I’ll keep it simple for you. Stop wasting your time, money, and hope elsewhere. THIS is the place to go for your neck and spine injuries!

I had two major accidents within the past three years: one was a head-on collision car accident, the other was a snowboarding trick gone wrong… And the after-shocks didn’t seem to be so bad until the symptoms appeared about 8 months ago when my neck started cracking non-stop. It would pop and crack everytime I moved my head. Then the pain kicked in. I couldn’t sit straight, sleep well, and eventually the neck became so stiff and the pain so sharp that my daily routines became affected.

Hence, my trial-and-error to find the right doctor began. I switched my pillow and that didn’t work. Acupuncture? No good. The so-called ‘specialists’ who specialize in upper-cervical spine? They made it worse…
I got to a point where I started believing my injuries were irrecuperable… that I had to live miserably with this cracking and stiffness for the rest of my life. Then I came across Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic here on Yelp. Based on the great reviews from other Yelpers, I decided to give this thing a shot (… and for a sketptic and a conspiracy-believer like myself, that was a big step..)

I have been visiting Dr. Park for 5 weeks now. My stiffness is completely gone, cracking significantly lessened. Every joint from neck to tailbone seems to be coming to place. Not only can I change my lanes on the road now (yes, it was that stiff and painful), I hit the gym every night to do my heavyliftings.