Jiyun K. Los Angeles, CA

No period came back to normal by upper cervical adjustment!
I am a 22-year old, young female. Since I started my period when I was 5th grade, I had never had a period on regular cycle.
I had my period in two months or in six months.
As I grew up, my irregular period increasingly raised the concern to me and my family. Finally, my mom took me to see a gynecologist for checkup. The doctor told me that my hormones are imbalanced and prescribed me birth control pills. I took it every day and my period came back. It seemed to work then I stopped taking pills. Once I stopped my period pills, my period went back to no cycle again. I also suffered from side effects of birth control pills such as massive acnes on my face. I had more acne even after I stopped taking pills.
Thereafter, I had not had my period for a year. While I was seeking safe and effective methods, I heard of very good reputation about Dr. Park’s upper cervical technique and I decided to give it a try in July, 2011.
Dr. Park explained how important upper cervical (C1, C2) is, where all the nervous system pass through. She said the nervous system is connected to all of my body and it controls everything in my body. She even told me my imbalanced hormonal system is affected by malfunctioned nervous system which has pressure on by misaligned upper cervical vertebrae. I heard Dr. Park is the only upper cervical doctor who can use HIO technique made by Dr. B. J. Palmer.
She adjusted on my upper cervical by hand only. She did not use any other modalities or any other drug. It seemed interesting to me, but at first I doubted the how effective it would be.
I went to see Dr. Park twice a week and for a while, I did not feel any changes in my body. However, I was so surprised when I had my period came BACK after about 2months.
It was so amazing to me and my family that I started my period again without pills but only by upper cervical adjustment! Since then, I have period on a regular cycle and am very happy with having my period back on. My period keeps on regular basis until now. Plus, my skin got much better and clean.
I think normal period is big asset to female and frankly to say, I used to greatly fear to be unable to be pregnant when I did not have period. But, now I got my period back on and I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of upper cervical adjustment. Thank you so much, Dr. Park!