Ane S. Garden Grove, CA

These is the best thing I did in my life. If you have any of back, neck, shoulder problem please come and see Dr. park, she is the best ever. I believe she is the best in USA. I was in pain for more then 10 years and the last two years it was almost impossible to walk, I couldn’t do simple things anymore, like brush my hair, take pick up things from the floor, even to open my mouth and eat I had pain. I have tried so many different treatment, so many doctors and I was getting worst and worst. In my first appointment with Dr Park I cried so much pain I was, but when I left I was feeling out of my body, for first time in 10 years I did NOT feel any pain, I came from pain 7-9 to zero instantly. I was driving back home and I could see all the lines and the cars beside me, I could see my shoulder for first time, I can look up and down and no pain. I need to thank my mother in law for introducing me to Dr Park. Please listen to me, don’t waist your time, if you have pain go and see Dr Park and I’m sure you will love her. I’m getting better and better, hope soon my problem will be gone.
Thank you so much Dr Park!