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We’re happy that you have chosen to be one of those people who are not afraid to try a new method in regaining lost health.

The Chiropractic method, in our opinion is the best approach because it allows the body to work without the use of any drugs, whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed. Here at Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Hyeon Joo Park is dedicated to using her professional expertise, knowledge, and experience to help as many patients receive exceptional care. Dr. Park follows the proven method of the Palmer upper cervical specific chiropractic, along with other specialties ranging from TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) and extremity adjustments, pre/post-natal & pediatric care, and car accidents/personal injuries.

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By Realigning your upper cervical vertebrae, you will heal from many illnesses.
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Found Confidence after the cure of her mother’s stroke during her second year of college.
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Found Confidence after the cure of her mother’s stroke during her second year of college. Always working in research until the theory of upper cervical adjustment becomes generalized.

Patient Testimonials

  • Before I received any treatments, I suffered a lot with frequent headaches. The massive headache would move on to my eyes and then later I would even feel nauseous. I would always have Advil or Tylenol with me because I had such frequent headaches. After receiving treatment my headaches disappeared for good and it was hard for me to…

    Danbi H. Los Angeles, CA
  • Firstly, Dr. Park’s treatment has truly turned my life around. I am a young woman, 23 years of age, and I had been suffering from severe, chronic headaches, neck aches and back aches every single day for two full years. Each day was literally a battle for me and I was in so much constant pain that it started…

    Christina J. Los Angeles, CA
  • No period came back to normal by upper cervical adjustment!
    I am a 22-year old, young female. Since I started my period when I was 5th grade, I had never had a period on regular cycle.
    I had my period in two months or in six months.
    As I grew up, my irregular period increasingly raised the concern…

    Jiyun K. Los Angeles, CA
  • I have TMJ and ever since I came here things have gotten a lot better with my jaw. Let’s hope it stays that way!

    Dan K. La Crescenta-Montrose, CA
  • Dr. Park HEALED me! She’s a miracle worker. I had multiple discs dislocated in my neck because somebody decided they knew how to fix the crick in my neck by grabbing my neck and TURNING it. Thinking it was muscular, I put salon pas on it and was bed-ridden praying for something miraculous to happen. Then, my mom suggested…

    Roux F. Porter Ranch, CA
  • Snowboarding had taken a toll on my body aspirin couldnt relieve. When I went to some other chiropractor he only seemed to make it worse. When I came here she diagnosed what was wrong with me and got me back in shape ahead of schedule…This place is NECESSARY

    John L. Los Angeles, CA